Withdrawal from celexa

Although many experts from the medical world warned about the possible effects Celexa can have on a certain number of patients, not during the treatment but after quitting from it, this effective drug used for severe depression is still used by millions of users around the globe, especially in the United States!

Celexa is a highly effective drug which is part from the SSRI family of medication, a big group of drugs which are responsible with curing more than 90% of all depression cases in the world.

Being a class A medication with high interaction on your brain, the side effects or the negative symptoms can cause a lot of problems on patients that want to quite the treatment. Withdrawal from Celexa is a process that needs attention and a lot of supervision from your doctor. It is a process that can be initiated only after a doctor consults you and agrees with the solution. Quitting Celexa on your own and stopping the usage of the drug suddenly will most surely cause severe side effects in a short period of time.

Important factors which lead to severe side effects

Withdrawal from Celexa will often feel unbearable because of the side effects and the large number of negative symptoms that interact with your health in most cases. Many people find it hard to even follow the treatment because of side effects during treatment such as: weight gain or sexual dysfunction. Withdrawal from Celexa can aggravate these problems and even add more to your list. There have been cases where the drug didn’t work as planned and since the beginning of the treatment the patients felt bad and had a lot of negative symptoms interacting with their health. Those are the cases where Celexa administration must stop immediately, but not before a proper consult from the doctor.

Due to these cases and the bad effect this drug has on most patients, reaching to the point when you will want to withdrawal from Celexa is inevitable. For such reason, here are some safe tips and important factors which will help you stay informed and be prepared for the withdrawal process, when it will come!

The first factor is the time span, depending on how much time you used Celexa, the withdrawal process can be an easy one or a difficult one. It’s very important to always tell your doctor about the time span of your treatment with this drug. Withdrawal from Celexa can affect you in different ways depending on how much time you used this medication. For instance, a patient that used Celexa for more than one year will find it quite difficult to stop the treatment without side effects or negative symptoms. On the other hand, a patient that took Celexa for a shorter period of time will encounter little side effects or problems during the withdrawal process.

Another important factor which can influence the withdrawal from this drug whole process is the dosage! Some patients use Celexa on a minimum dose due to their light form of depression. Others, with severe forms of depression, are recommended the maximum dosage which is 40 mg, therefore, withdrawal from Celexa will be a bit difficult to finalize due to the high risks of side effects and bad symptoms.

No matter the dosage or the time span, taking Celexa will cause a slight form of addiction and as a result, quitting the treatment suddenly will always lead to negative results on your body and health. That’s why, it is highly recommended to always consult a doctor which will know what method to recommend in order for you to withdrawal from Celexa in the safest manner possible.

How to withdrawal from Celexa with minimum side effects?

Just like any other SSRI medication, Celexa is highly powerful and effective in dealing with the severe forms of Depression. It can be a real help for the ones in need but also can provide a lot of problems when the individual decides to withdrawal.

Because of the side effects and the negative symptoms it causes, quitting Celexa is much more than a simple task. You will need to visit a doctor in order to take this decision and also, you will always need his conformation that the withdrawal can be initiated. In order to quite this drug, your doctor will have to make sure that you are no longer suffering from depression. It’s the best moment to withdrawal from Celexa because you will find it easier to deal with the side effects if your mental health is balanced. In conclusion, seeking medical guidance and following the exact recommendations for a safe withdrawal from Celexa will always grant you an easier process.