Although Xanax is a highly effective treatment for depression or anxiety disorders, using it for a long period of time can cause a hard withdrawal process when you decide to end the usage of this medication. It’s a drug based on benzodiazepine, a highly powerful ingredient which interacts with your brain and fights to balance all the chemicals in order to restore your normal mental health!

Withdrawal from Xanax may be or may be not a hard process to pass through but that only depends on the time you used to administrate the drug and the quantity you used to take every day!

Most patients suffering from depression or anxiety disorders use Xanax for a long period of time, some even for years after years, turning the treatment into something that’s normal for their average day lives! That’s not the best way to use Xanax and also to treat your mental disorders. The bets method to treat yourself with Xanax is by taking the drug for only a limited amount of time and between pauses to always make sure about certain improvements with your psychologist!

Quitting Xanax on your own is not recommended

You should never withdrawal from Xanax on your own and also, you should never initiate this process suddenly. It may lead to severe side effects and negative symptoms to your body which can, in some cases, be irreversible!

Always make sure you consult your doctor and follow his exact recommendations before starting to quite Xanax. That way, you will always make sure to limit the side effects if not even eliminate them from the process of withdrawal. Some patients had encountered severe side effects even though they asked for medical help but those are extremely limited cases which can happen in less than 5% of patients.

Withdrawal from Xanax suddenly and on your own will increase the risk of negative symptoms with more than 80% than on a normal user, that leading to some highly increased dangers of:

– panic attacks
– insomnia
– suicidal thoughts
– seizures
– nausea
– vomiting

Always make sure to keep these information in mind before taking any decision about the withdrawal from Xanax and even though it might seem a hard task to do, sooner or later you will have to take it!

Quit Xanax only if your doctor tells you so and after you make sure your mental health disorders have improved, other wise, you might be needed a further treatment with this drug for another limited period of time. When your doctor confirms that your mental health has improved, he will also provide you with the right solution for a proper withdrawal with minimal side effects or risks.

What to expect during Xanax detox?

Just like any other benzodiazepine based drug, Xanax can cause addiction if used on a long term and difficulties in quitting from taking it. These are the main risks that any Xanax user has to encounter when choosing to withdrawal from Xanax and with medical guidance as well as few simple rules to follow, you can easily over pass the withdrawal process with limited side effects.

Sometimes a user needs up to two weeks for a fully detoxed body, with no traces of Xanax in the blood, that’s why during this period of time, you should always seek for medical supervision and guidance. There are plenty of side effects as well as negative symptoms that can occur during this detox period and due to its highly difficult withdrawal, Xanax will always cause problems during the process. Depending on the patient’s health and the withdrawal methods he agreed to follow, these problems will be lighter or harder to take.

The safest way to lead a complete detox with minimal side effects is by reducing the Xanax dose by slowly tapering it. Gradually cut back the daily dosage for a safe withdrawal from Xanax and make sure you always follow your doctor’s instructions.

Expect some side effects and be prepared for negative symptoms no matter what. Preparing your mind and being informed is always a huge advantage which will help you go through all this process a lot easier, that’s why combining the medical guidance with the right information, quitting Xanax will be a simple task!