Withdrawal from roth ira

The withdrawal from Roth IRA process can be a much easier task than expected but only if the user or the beneficial will follow a few set of rules! For example, the withdrawal process can be innitiated without any limit or barrier if you are a person passed 59 years old, but only if your roth IRA has at least 5 years since it started!


If you are a person under the age of 59, you can withdraw your roth IRA but only the exact contributions with no penalties added!

These exemptions are special and only apply to first time purchase of a home or college expenses!

However, although Roth IRA covers a huge number of risks and grants users full cover in case of a necessity, the main niche in which Roth IRA is used with success is in the treating and healing the drug addicts!

Is roth IRA a save investment or a bad one?

Although there are many stating that roth IRA is not what it seems and that it has a lot of disadvantages, in the end, those who choose to plan a safe retirement can benefit from a lot of advantages, that if they follow all the rules that the roth IRA implies!

Withdrawal from roth IRA takes some time and implies a few set of rules which any user must follow in order for a smooth withdrawal. The risk of getting tagged with a 10% early withdrawal penalty might occur if you choose to skip some of the steps or the rules in the whole withdrawal process!

There are many withdrawal rules which you must follow or take into account but here are some of the most important ones:


Tax free in as well as tax free out. A contributor can take out the exact amount of the roth IRA account at any time, without being forced to pay any type of tax! This can be possible with one single exception. You cannot withdrawal the earning from your principals before turning 59 years old. If you choose to initiate the withdrawal before the age of 59, you will be charged with a 10% fee which is applies to all early withdrawals.

Fees are not to be applied if you choose to withdrawal from roth IRA after 59 years old, that of course of you have more than 5 years in the contribution system!

Roth IRA five year rule

Withdrawal from rith IRA will only be considered eligible and qualified after a minimum of 5 years since you opened the account! The main condition is to have opened your roth IRA for at leats 5 years and that you contributed to it in this period of time! Being passed 59 years old is not enough for you to innitiate a qualified withdrawal from IRA, you will have to also make proof that your contributions are at leats 5 years old.

Qualified contributors vs. Non- qualified contributors

Always be informed before innitiating a withdrawal from rith IRA. It’s important to know if you are qualified for a withdrawal or you are non qualified! This will always help avoid any extra fee or the 10% early withdrawal fee!

There are many other rules you should take into account before you decide to withdrawal from roth IRA but they are for you to discover them as they may vary from user to another user, depending on their needs, contribution history and other main factors.

Is there a roth IRA program to help the drug addicts?

Roth IRA contribution system with few other loopholes which will enable you to withdraw the money without having to wait until your turn 59+ years old. Along the first home purchase exception which means that you can withdrawal from roth IRA if you decide to buy your first home and also, along the college expenses exception which helps young college students to pay for their studies, you also have the opportunity to withdrawal from roth IRA and use the money for a complete or partial treatment against drugs abuse, addiction or any other form of drug affection!

It’s a great way to stay off drugs and recover completely with the help of this system. A great insurance if you decide that you need a change on your life!

So far, withdrawal from roth IRA for drug addiction purposes has reached a 30% of all withdrawals that meaning the exception is a very useful one and a great method to keep the government from spending from the contributors money.
Any person with a minimum of 5 years into contributing to the system can activate this exception if they are in need for a treatment regarding their drug abuse problem or their addiction!