Withdrawal from lexapro

As many of you already know it, Lexapro is a highly effective and reliable anti depressive drug with high interaction on a huge number of patients as well as great results in most cases! It is a drug used only by adults and only after a proper consult from the doctor! Being a highly effective drug with such a huge rate of on most patients suffering from depression or anxiety, it also comes with a list of not so pleasant side effects as well as a difficult withdrawal experience.

Withdrawal from Lexapro might be difficult and hard to achieve but if you seek proper help from your doctor and you follow some basic rules, you might achieve the withdrawal without any negative symptoms!

First of all, withdrawal from Lexapro must be initiated only after the treatment for your depression or anxiety has ended. Remember that using Lexapro is the best chance for you to get rid of depression or anxiety in a reasonable period of time!

Second of all, never stop the treatment before the date your doctor prescribed and never adopt a sudden break off to the medication because it could lead to severe symptoms of side effects!

How to adopt the best withdrawal from Lexapro?

Although many patients say that treating depression or anxiety with Lexapro is a very terrible experience, the drug still remains as one of the best choices a user has! However, withdrawal from Lexapro cam come with a series of side effects and symptoms that can make the patient fall into depression once again!

The best way to withdrawal from Lexapro, with reducing the chances of negative side effects up to 60%, is to always ask your doctor’s opinion before stopping the treatment. Is well known that once you ween off of Lexapro, symptoms and negative side effects might occur. Among them, most of the patients experience:
– Insomnia
– Reboots
– Uneasiness
– Nausea
– Jitteriness
There are high chances to reduce these negative symptoms by simply following your doctor’s plan for
withdrawal from Lexapro, he is the only one to advise you and guide you to a successful withdrawal!
Try and reduce the amount of Lexapro you take daily, gradually, until you reach a very small dose. Once you achieve these paces, your body will already be used with the smaller doses, therefore, you will help it get used with the lack of Lexapro in your system and eventually, help it pass the treatment with Lexapro with the minimum of damage/side effects!

Where to seek information and the right guidance for withdrawal correctly?

As mentioned before, the best results come from your doctor, therefore, the right place or person to seek information and guidance is your doctor! Only the doctor will know your treatment and the best way to withdrawal from Lexapro. He will always grant you the best method and also he will keep you under his observation until the very end of the withdrawal period!

Although the doctor’s guidance and information will be the best choices in adopting a safe withdrawal, side effects and negative symptoms will begins to take place no matter what! The difference between adopting a well planned withdrawal from Lexapro and a sudden stop of treatment without medical guidance is the amount of side effects you will experience. Surveys on patients show that users which adopted their own withdrawal method had encountered much more and severe negative symptoms throughout long periods of time, unlike the users that asked for medical guidance! The rate of patients suffering from severe side effects after stopping the treatment with Lexapro is much bigger on the ones that adopted their own withdrawal method!

In conclusion, the best way to over pass your after treatment with Lexapro period, with reducing the chances of negative side effects, is to seek medical help and always follow your doctor’s instructions.