Although it might sound like something with no importance at all, the caffeine withdrawal can sometimes be a really hard task to achieve! This process is no laughing matter and can be a very difficult task for those faced with a sudden lack of caffeine in their body. In our days, sources of caffeine are endless, starting with the very popular Coke drink to energy drinks, high protein bars, food that’s meant to keep us strong and agile, etc.

We find caffeine in a wide variety of food and drinks and sometimes we don’t even know it’s there! This is one particular reason that leads to an increasing number of persons that are caffeine addicted!

Although it sounds as an easy disorder with minimal affects on your body, the caffeine withdrawal might, in some cases, lead to a series of negative side effects and bad symptoms to your brain and body.

Safe advice for caffeine users ( avid coffee or energy drinks consumers)

Many coffee and energy drinks consumers as well as a large number of other caffeine users have experienced moments when their body or brain stopped from working in a balanced manner. In most cases the cause was the lack of caffeine in their blood system due to a missed dose or a long pause from not drinking these substances. Although with no importance when you first look at the problem, these light side effects were the result of their bodies being addicted to caffeine. Many do no realize that and think there’s no problem with them but if you ask them to stop using caffeine suddenly, they will quickly realize that those minimal side effects were not just a simple incident!

In order to stay safe and clear your body from caffeine, you must first decide whether your want to stop consuming caffeine based drinks or food or not. Sometimes it’s best to seek for medical guidance and talk to your doctor about this situation. He might help you decide faster and better, mainly in reducing or even stopping consuming caffeine on a regular basis. This way, the caffeine withdrawal will be a simple process with minimal chances of side effects!

Typical side effects on average caffeine consumers

Among the side effects that the caffeine withdrawal produces, you will most often find:

– Headaches – Caffeine headaches usually start behind the back of the head and then move up to the front.
– Sleepiness – The feeling of being sleepy even after a good night sleep or a midday nap.

– Irritability – Everyone and everything will annoy you and step on your nerves.
– Lethargy – You will feel unmotivated and weak in completing important tasks.
– Constipation – Without the caffeine, your stomach will encounter problems in digesting properly
– Depression – This effect occurs in short periods and on a little number of consumers
– Muscle pain – Used with the energy from the caffeine, your muscles will find it hard to recover without help.
– Insomnia – Sometimes it’s possible to stay awake and look to the stars
– Nausea and vomiting – You might feel the sensation of nausea or vomiting before any meal

These side effects are common on a huge number of caffeine users therefore, caffeine withdrawal is not that easy as you might expect. Although caffeine consumers are attached to drinking their favorite coffee or their favorite energy drink without even thinking of quitting this habit, sometimes we might find ourselves forced to do that!

This is the main reason you should always be informed and prepared for a possible caffeine withdrawal, a reason which will certainly help you pass through the process a lot easier and with minimal damage for your body or mind!