Due to the very powerful combination of amphetamine and dextoamphetamine, Adderall is considered a drug which can easily cause addiction if used for a long period of time or for an extended treatment. This drug is mainly used for treating ADHD or narcolepsy and can only be taken or purchased after a rigorous doctor control and his approved prescription. Although many patients had encountered highly positive results when using this medication, a lot of them found it very hard and quite unbearable to withdrawal Adderall.

People who take large doses of Adderall for long periods of time, are highly to become addicted than the patients using Adderall only for a limited period and in strict doses. Although these factors are not up to the patient but up to the doctor, the last will also have the responsibility to finding a proper withdrawal Adderall solution when the times comes.

Withdrawal Adderall information advice

Even though a huge number of patients suffering from ADHD or Narcolepsy are using Adderall and use it as a highly effective treatment, many of them find it extremely hard to withdrawal from it. This is due to the drug’s strong combination of chemicals which in time, when used for long periods, causes addiction and unbalances in the brain’s activity.

Unlike other drugs which are used for depression and anxiety, Adderall remains in the blood stream for a much longer period of time, causing the patient to always crave for other doses. Depending on the dosage your doctor prescribed, the withdrawal Adderall with be easier to bare or harder and more difficult.

Every Adderal users is strongly advised to seek for medical guidance when deciding they want to quit taking this medication and that is the best way to avoid unwanted side effects.

Adderall functions as a highly effective inhibitor but when taken for longer period of time, the patient starts to feel that the effect of the drug is decreasing and their energy starts to dissipate. That’s the first effect of the addiction. The body begins to get used with the drug and the reactions that are supposed to take place will no longer happen. That is the exact moment of the whole process when every patient is advised to seek for medical guidance.

Do not try to withdrawal Adderall on your own, thinking that you know the procedure and there’s nothing that can happen to you. Once you will quite taking Adderall, especially if you will do that suddenly, your body will stop working normally and your mind with stop to think in a clear picture.

Withdrawal Adderall is a process which will help the body to recalibrate itself but in order to do that, you must follow the exact guidance your doctor provided for you and lower the daily dose little by little. Stopping the Adderall administration suddenly, will most likely to cause you unwanted side effects or negative symptoms.

Symptoms and side effects during the withdrawal process

No matter the method your doctor will prescribe for a safe withdrawal Adderall, it is highly important for any patient to be informed and aware of the possible side effects or negative symptoms that might occur during the process. First of all, when initiating the withdrawal Adderall process, patients should know that it could last up to 2 months if not even longer. That’s because of the strong ingredients in the drug that manage to remain in the blood stream for long periods of time.

Taking smaller amounts of Adderall with every dose taken, the patient will slowly help the body to recalibrate. During this time, a series o side effects might possibly affect the physical and mental health of the user. That’s why being informed and aware of these side effects will help to over pass the whole process much easier.
Although the drug itself helps the patient to concentrate better, gives him energy and makes him feel positive, when quitting Adderall, the exact opposite effects will occur. Any former Adderall user will encounter:

– Irritability
– Headaches
– Depression
– Insomnia
– Fatigue
– Nightmares

Among the listed side effects, users might also feel many other types of negative symptoms depending on some factors. The main factors that influence a user’s withdrawal process are the time span and the dosage. The longer you use Adderall or the higher the dosage of your daily treatment, withdrawal Adderall will be harder to bare and more difficult to complete. That’s why seeking medical guidance will always provide the best solution to a safer withdrawal process.